I am Emily Derr of Grassroots Impact Creative Coaching. I help creative businesses and professionals in crafting their message through grassroots public relations efforts, content creation and social media. In addition I expand their audience by forging community and business partnerships through outreach and what I call Transformational Collaborations. Most recently, I have founded Art Collecting with Emily with the mission: I teach you how to build your art collection, where to find art,  and feature emerging artists and must-see galleries, museums and exhibits. I was also a guest on WPKN for Women's History Month 2024 with the Stamford Art Association Team (my wonderful clients!) for the Spotlight on Culture Radio Show. 

Dealing with collectors, clients, galleries, family, life, and everything in between, the life of the creative professional can get hectic and stressful! I also advocate for self-care and healing practices for creative professionals looking to recharge and reinvigorate to take their practice to the next level. 

I utilize the techniques of Shirzad Chamin's Positive Intelligence Framework and breathwork via the Infinite Breathworks Method. My 3, 6, and 12 month programs are custom designed to your needs and goals as an artist. I also lead workshops including my November 2020 two day series on Self-Care and Collaboration sponsored by Connecticut Office of the Arts. Community involvement is important to me in addition to supporting the arts in Fairfield County in Connecticut where I live. This is why I am a member of the Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County and the Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut