About Me

My Story

Originally from the retail management and store communications space, I was always enthralled with how organizations from different industries could work together to grow. I wasn't satisfied with working for corporate retail companies. Because I have a fine arts background, I found the policies and marketing practices confining. There was something missing.

I always wanted to engage in business practices and activities that improve my community. This realization led me to join non-profit boards. My previous board experience includes Westport-Weston Chamber of Commerce and Stamford Dollars for Scholars. Giving back is important to me and I still serve on Stamford History Center and Historic Neighborhood Preservation Program.

Working with individual artists, art organizations, and museums is what I enjoy most! I connect local businesses, corporations, and entrepreneurs with artists and art organizations, both in-person and virtually through transformational collaborations. This idea came to fruition while I was working as a freelance artist assistant and serving as director of communications at Stamford History Center.

Artists and art organizations sought guidance and vision in sharing their message and growing their audience. Many artists and organizations as talented as they are, were wasting valuable time they could be spending in the studio with marketing tasks they saw as drudgery in the first place!

Essentially, I help artists both "ground and grow" their creative businesses. I am a certified Level 1 Breathwork Coach through the Infinite Breathworks Method. My private client programs are infused with customized meditation and breathwork programs.